Compuverde re-invents Metro Cluster
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If you are an IT Infrastructure professional living in the Amsterdam or London area creating dual data center setups is probably something you have done or been wanting to do before. The general availability of (dark) fiber connections between data centers makes it normal to at least review the options for having such a setup.…

Software Defined Storage Unicorns, we feed them… hardware!
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Here is a reply to Dan Porat’s article on Software Defined Storage on LinkedIn. I am summarizing his post to “Software Defined Storage is as good as the support it has in the geographic location of where it will be deployed” which is exactly where Inprove IT Infrastructure Solutions comes in to show their expertise…

Is my organization ready for Software Defined Storage?
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If you have worked in IT for more than a few years you probably know that it is not easy to get all the different components of an IT Infrastructure to work nicely together. If you have found or even created a combination that works you will want to stick with that set as long…

10TB Storage
10TB hard disk drive is a reality, but we need good storage software too!
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Today we can actually buy and deliver systems with 10TB hard disk drives. That is a huge step forward in storage capacity, but to really take advantage of it you need software that addresses the downsides to these large capacities. On the other side of the drive spectrum really fast flash devices that will last…

Het belang van structuur in IT
Het belang van structuur in IT
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Kloppend hart Vandaag de dag is IT-infrastructuur niet meer weg te denken uit een bedrijf. Steeds meer processen zijn afhankelijk geworden van IT. Doordat processen geautomatiseerd of gedigitaliseerd zijn, vormt de IT-infrastructuur het kloppend hart van de organisatie. Om de beschikbaarheid van IT-systemen te garanderen

Kom naar de geen stand van Inprove
Kom 4 en 5 november 2015 naar GEEN STAND van Inprove IT Infrastructure Solutions op de Storage Expo!
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Inprove IT Infrastructure Solutions heeft geen stand op de Storage Expo dit jaar. We zouden wel een stand willen, maar we hebben